Potential Quests (NW)


-There is an old abandoned mine to the NW, at the base of the mountains near a large lake. It once supported an entire village but something happened and the mine was abandoned.

-There is a lodge in the forest to the north where a famous soldier retired with his family. He always has furs for trade and is welcoming to visitors.

-A large group of bandits has been reported to the west. They are encamped among the hills and prey upon anyone crossing the vale.

-On an isle in the river to the north, there is an old pirate's cave where Surly Sandar buried his most valuable treasure.

-The tomb of a famous adventurer and explorer lies near a lake far to the north

-There are a whole slew of ruined farmsteads to the west, with very fertile pastures. Marauders wiped them out decades ago, but there may be something left to claim.

Potential Quests (NW)

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