Potential Quests in the Wetlands (SW)

The Lotus Tree: Known to be sentient, and able to communicate with the right people.

Meteor Landing: According to accounts made by lotus drones, it is the source of the undead sprawling across the lands of the southwest.

A couple foragers report that they've been seeing smoke and fires near the end of day a couple miles south of the grove they frequent (investigated)

A group of three witches with plane-jumping abilities are corrupting the area and attacking the lotus tree.

An ancient temple with forgotten gods was discovered and what was possibly a vampire lives in a part of the ruins.

A Romanesque culture of vegans has a large orchard and is building an outpost to guard against the undead. They are rumored to have discovered a fountain of youth. Willing to trade for ironwork.

Potential Quests in the Wetlands (SW)

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