The Darmend Crossroads

Tanyc's Journal - What The Hell Is Raina Up To?

Me, Mavis, and Edwyn set out with Raina to revisit the abandoned village that nearly drove her crazy when we passed by it. Probably shouldn't have, the warning signs were there. Before we left Darmend we tried to get Mother Merthula to part with a few doses of the black poppies, since they ward against mind magic shit or something, I didn't understand. Just knew she refused to, and Edwyn wasn't sure whether it was the red or black that did, so I snuck in and took a few.

We got across the river and headed south, picked up a few more doses of poppies that had escaped the fire we set in the fields at the slave plantation. Mavis was more than a little skeptical about using them, but wasn't time to yet anyway. Kept going south since Edwyn wanted to check on the girl who we'd brought to the monastery, she and her mother had headed back to their village. We found them, all right. Strung up from a tree outside of town. I cut down their bodies, we buried them, and me and Mavis carved a couple markers, then we went into the village.

Talked to the family of the kid we'd managed to rescue, they said when those two had returned a mob formed by the families that had lost kids attacked and killed them. Edwyn, pretty fucked up by that, climbed on top of a building and started shouting at them that he was the one who killed their kids. Mob reformed, and they started throwing rocks at him. Between Mavis and Raina intimidating them and me firing a crossbow bolt right by the head of the biggest one, with a warning that the next would go through their eye, they backed down and finally went back to their shit. Did notice one guy who wasn't participating and just watched us, though. Raina talked to him, he gave her a letter to deliver to his 'cousin' Krom in the city in the mountains. Sealed, of course. Kept on our way and made it to the monastery that evening.

Mavis practiced fighting with the monks, and Raina went to the library, while me and Edwyn tried getting help or at least information from the monks. He was successful, me not as much. I went to the masters, tried to get them to spill on what the hell was in the village. Already knew it was a former monk who'd gotten pretty evil, and their fucking stupid response was that his evil would destroy himself. Pissed me off, and I made the point that it was just as likely they'd have they'd have their asses handed to them and be wiped out themselves because they wouldn't do a single godsdamned thing about it, and we were going no matter what they said. That finally got them to tell me that whoever the fuck it is isn't afraid of death. Hard to be when you already are. So more godsdamned undead. Dealt with that shit before, I'm fine with it. Least it was something.

Raina wasn't in the library when we checked, assumed she'd gone to bed. She wasn't at breakfast either, and we finally got the monks to tell us that she'd left for the village in the middle of the night. I was ready to throttle them for that shit, could've told us or stopped her, but they said it was some self-determination shit they wouldn't interfere with. Fucking monks. We set out for the damned village, Raina was heading back to us.

Godsdamn was she cagey as fuck and didn't want to talk about what the hell she'd been doing. Claimed she was scouting the village and it was filled with undead, tried to talk us out of going. Wouldn't tell us what she was actually doing, just insisted we go to the city and deliver the damn letter. She finally blew up and went off on her own to deliver it.

Rest of us took doses of the poppy, and I'm still feeling the effects of it. Me and Edwyn have had too many hits of it, accidental and now intentional, and we're mildly addicted. About through the detoxing now though. After taking the poppy we followed Raina's trail into the village, and she sure as hell wasn't scouting. Went straight in on the main road. Nothing about her story's making sense. Got to the edge of town and tried sneaking in, the undead picked up on Edwyn though. At least two dozen, so we retreated, and they stopped at the edge. I took out one on the way out and we returned to the monastery, Edwyn had been cursed. Got the monks to lift the curse and we replaced our spoiled water and rations, and I found a stream full of salmon. Salmon steaks for dinner.

Raina didn't return, so we headed to that city Bharatput where we were supposed to deliver the letter. Passed the charred remains of the bathhouse on the way, the godsdamn jade golems were still there, and I filled Edwyn and Mavis in on it and how Pate died there. Made it a good ways but we had to stop for the night near the fork in the road where the dragon graveyard is, told Mavis about it and the little lizard people. She took first watch to let us rest since we were starting to have poppy cravings, ended up taking all three watches. Woke us in the morning and while she took a nap I made a stew from a rabbit she caught, but not before chopping off its fucking head and punting it into the bushes. Fuck rabbits.

Godsdamn Bharatput is a weird place. Guards were riding giant crawfish and there were crab people. Crab people. Looked like crab, talked like people. Crab people. Seriously, what the hell? And Edwyn wouldn't stop arguing with the guard at the gate so I had to grab him by the back of the neck and drag him along before he started some shit. Went looking for the tavern where we were supposed to deliver the letter but we got distracted by the market along the way. Edwyn traded a healing potion for some herbs, including one that was supposed to work on pubic crabs and lice, and I traded for a damn fine longsword. Wolf's head on the hilt, named it Wolf's Howl. Blacksmith needed it for the war effort, but talked him into trading it with my longsword making up the difference in numbers for him. One hell of a lot of weapons being made, and it started because of the incident at the bathhouse. Well, shit.

Heard something about dwarf ghosts in ruins to the southeast, managed to convince the people I asked about it that the hero they thought it might be was named DARH! Mavis thought she saw Raina entering a building, which got awkward when I had to explain to her what a brothel was. Went in and Edwyn tried to get them to let him see Raina, which didn't work, and he wouldn't stop talking about her needing treatment for crabs. To a crab person. Had to grab him by the back of the neck again and drag him outside before he got his ass kicked, and I muttered to him he was being racist. Mavis was too flustered by finding out what a brothel was to be able to lie convincingly to get to see Raina, so we had to wait outside.

When she came out Edwyn had to make a damn scene about her having crabs after sleeping with Red Alf, which didn't go too well, and the guards started threatening us. Since he wouldn't shut the hell up, as we were leaving I bribed one of the guards to smack him in the back of the head. He saw me paying the guard and I told him he deserved it.

Returned to Darmend and Mother Merthula gave us some tea to help with the poppy withdrawal, and Edwyn started his shit about Raina having crabs and her and Red Alf again. Merthula got him to shut the fuck up for a bit, though.

Need to go check out those ghost dwarves sometime, and there's the volcano to the northeast, but soon going to go kill the damn vampire or whatever the hell was in that ruin. And one of the junkies from the slave plantation is finally clean, a dwarf druid gardener. Weird combination. Might be of some use, though.

Kill journal:

Rotty – ghoul
Salmon – Fins, Flappy, Pinky, Brain, Redfish, Bluefish


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