The Darmend Crossroads

Tanyc's Journal - Vampire Murder Raid

That damned obelisk with the shit about sacrificing babies kep haunting me, and I got Illandow and DARH! on board with returning to take out the fucker. Recruited Kire, Adran, Derevan, Col, and Jenrah to come with us. What little Illandow could find didn't sound good, but he still came along.

Stopped by the Nectarine outpost on the way and Heracles said they'd seen a lot more undead recently. Not a good sign, but seemed like we were on the right track. Made it to the ruins without any problems and we checked out the temple side first, Illandow talked to his goddess first. Col, Jenrah, and Derevan all tried to pick up the knife next, but were overwhelmed, then Jenrah saw a damn nice mace leaning against the wall. Wasn't there before, and when he went to grab it he almost smacked himself in the face. Adran was enjoying his illusions.

Skipped the storeroom part since we'd cleared it out and went to the lair, which the leech must've been busy with, it now had tapestries and shit. There was a thrall outside who invited us down, and while the others sat down at the table me and Col stayed standing. There was a damn skeleton playing an organ and some creepy fuck who was probably the bastard who Illandow had talked to. He demanded we return what we took from him, started with the lantern from Darh. Darh gave it up willingly, then the fucker demanded my crossbow. Said no, and before I could point out that nobody had touched it in centuries he attacked. Shot him, he clawed me, and it was on. Col hid, Jenrah jumped on the table and attacked, while Derevan sat back and watched, though he and Kire got involved after they realized the meat they'd been eating was human flesh. Then that fucker Col took my damn crossbow. Jenrah got in the final shot, stabbed the leech through the eye and tore off half his skull. Fucker didn't even make it out of his chair. Most of the others started making themselves puke up the human flesh, though Illandow didn't have any moral problems with it since he was an elf.

Found a secret door in the room, and we explored further. Found a room with light coming from under the door, and Illandow couldn't talk whoever was inside into opening the door. Jenrah tried to be intimidating but failed miserably, but DARH! finally got the skeleton inside to open it. He told us to go away and shut the door, so I kicked the damn thing in. Weird-ass place, inside he'd been working on creating some undead thing stitched together from a few different people. Said his name was Theodore and he'd lost a bet to 'her' and had to make undead for her. Her? Yeah, Illandow somehow completely missed his goddess telling him that the leech was a woman. The fuck, man? Needs to pay attention better. Theodore just wanted to be left to his own devices, didn't even want to raise an army of undead but had to since he'd lost the bet.

Explored further and we came across a room at the end of a hallway and were invited inside. Not a good sign. We went in, and there she was. The fucking leech. In her damn library, talking shit about how she wanted an army and she was going to keep one of us to replace the fucker we'd killed, singled out Jenrah and me. Fuck off, leech. Illandow and me were the first to attack.

Godsdamn are all of us lucky to be alive. She wasn't easy to hit, and I got hit by some magic shit that drained about half my life. Good thing I'd bought that high-end healing potion from the Nectarines a while back. Derevan tossed a flaming bottle into the bookshelves, tried to attack and failed, tried to seduce her and succeeded, and then ran away while a bunch of the others got into melee. Then she summoned fucking swarms of bats. A fuckton of them. Everyone got pretty fucked up by them, until Illandow burned them. Somewhere in there she'd charmed Jenrah, wasn't surprising. Horny bastard.

Col got knocked down when he tried to rush her, and she damn near killed Kire. Adran threw magic balls at her, pretty much continuously, and she charmed Col too. Derevan came running back in with that weird "God" dagger and yelled something about the "might of xan-something-or-other" and stabbed the leach a couple times. I finally got the last hit in on her, hurt her just enough to take her out. Fucking leech tried flirting with me when I did too, then turned into mist and escaped. Poured a healing potion down Kire's throat to bring him back around and gave one to Col, though I almost didn't after that shit with taking my crossbow.

We checked out the rest of the place, Theodore wasn't under the influence of the bet anymore. Found someone who'd been under her control in the kitchen, he'd snapped out of it and didn't know he'd been cooking human flesh. Found way too fucking many dead babies in the next room with the blood flowing into a long hallway filled with blood. Fuck this fucking leech bitch. Found an enchanted barbarian axe in there though. Two handed and DARH! likes his shield, so Jenrah took it. Illandow also found a necklace with a fireballl spell on it.

Found a few more people who'd been under her control, a couple of them were elves. Best moment was when I deadpan asked Illandow how he knew them. Godsdamn elven superiority, it was fun knocking him down a bit. Darh almost ended up in the shitter when he opened the door to it, then I triggered a battering ram log. Leech had had fun setting traps for us. Then Illandow did something stupid and touched a glowing wall and managed to get his ass cursed. Got the freed people outside and I talked with Theodore to find out what he knew about her weaknesses and warned him not to make any more undead and to stay away from the Nectarines. Might not've killed the leech, but she's going to be hurting for a while, she's lost Theodore and her slaves, and we picked up a few useful things. Going to have to come back sometime to finish the job.


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