The Darmend Crossroads

Tanyc's Journal - To Catch A Predator

Set out east with Raina, Edwyn, Derevan, and Kire to check out the road south from the former slave plantation. The dragon graveyard wasn't too far out of the way, though, so we went by there first. Most of the dragons were long dead, but there was one fresher corpse. Took a bit of work but I managed to get enough scales from it to be able to craft a set of armor. It was pretty late by then so we made camp during the night.

They came in the middle of the night while I was on watch. I spotted one at the edge of the firelight, woke Kire and the others. Buncha godsdamned little lizard things called kobolds. A couple were carrying shields, most had daggers, but a couple of them had cages on their backs and bags of shit. They started throwing that shit at us, first green slime and swarms of centipedes, then swarms of wasps.

I took out one of those bag-carrying fucks with a well-placed shot, I'll call him Karl. Raina held her own against the ones carrying shields and I drew off a couple, took out one and shanked another that was attacking Raina. We managed to capture one of the little fuckers, though he later escaped in the night. Edwyn took the more useful shit the kobolds had, vials of acid and alchemist's fire, and I took the two now-damaged dragon scale shields.

Made our way south in the morning and I collected a good bit of dragon bone. Kire had to head back to Darmend, but the rest of us kept on. We found an abandoned village that reeked of rotting flesh, our rations were spoiled, and we were all feeling very down after. Raina in particular was affected, and nothing good came of that later.

Made our way to a monastery the others had been to before, we stayed the night there. Collected a few things and I got a recipe for a 'milk and honey' drink that puts someone to sleep for the better part of a day, and while they can't be woken until it wears off they're fully recovered after. I did some hunting and caught a few squirrels, birds, and gods-fucking-dammit, some rabbits. Fuck those little shits.

Next morning found Raina on the edge of a cliff, still out of sorts, and she never did recover. We set out for the plantation, took most of the day so we spent the night in one of the farmhouses. Next morning we set fire to the poppy fields before continuing south.

Made it to a small town where there weren't any children. They said trolls had been taking the children in the night, so we set up an ambush. Raina was pretty suicidal, got hurt pretty damn badly, and her wounds wouldn't heal. I'm still pretty fucked up about what the hell actually happened and I don't want to record the details or ever revisit this shit, but I'll just say that magic dolls, a girl who finds them and names them after her friends, and them being turned into trolls is fucking horrific.

Raina torched herself with a spell after we returned the bodies to the town, but thankfully Edwyn was able to stabilize her. We brought her and the girl to the monastery. Raina had been cursed in that abandoned village and they were able to remove the curse, though she's still going to have scars from burning herself. They cleansed the girl, though they couldn't do anything for her friends.

Fuck this. I need to get out again, going to go check out more of the southwest. I'll probably take the dragon scales to the refugees in the northwest, get them to make me a set of armor.

Kill journal:

Karl, Korl, & Koral – kobold pieces of shit
Tweety & Twiggy – birds
Twitchy, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor, Scratchy – squirrels
Thumper, Peter, Roger, Bugs – rabbits


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