The Darmend Crossroads

Tanyc's Journal - Slave Plantation

Did some hunting the past couple weeks, bagged a couple deer, Tawny and Sprinter. Traded the shortbow and some arrows to Edwyn the new guy for a healing potion, and restocked on arrows. Also got a saddle, saddlebag, and feed for my horse, and picked up some more rations. Raina was wanting to hit a slave plantation she had run across before that probably had the missing dwarf fishermen, so I set out with her, Adran, Edwyn, Kire, and Derevan. Pretty uneventful trip there, and it turned out to be surprisingly easy to liberate the slaves.

The farm buildings were surrounded by fields of black and red flowers, turned out to be poppy. Took too deep of a whiff of one of the flowers and my damn face ended up numb. Me and Kire snuck up close to listen in and get a better look, then reported back to the others.

Two guards were patrolling the perimeter, each alone, so we ambushed one and had Derevan disguise himself and take his place. Kire was about to stab the second one when he came around, but by the time he got there my crossbow bolt had sprouted from Fucker's eye. None of the rest of us were decent at disguising ourselves, though, so we set out to take out the three stationary guard groups. Adran put one of them to sleep after Derevan failed to deceive them. He killed them after the spell worked. Derevan successfully  convinced the second group and took out the first after offering him a drink. Raina ran in and took out one, and I sunk a crossbow bolt into the chest of Fuckwad. Derevan took out the last two that were in the third group.

Got close to the farm houses again, the largest building was surrounded by a wall. Seemed like 5 guards, 2 on the east side and one each on the other 3. Ones on the east side were taken out quick and Raina decapitated the one on the north side. While she tried to kick in the door on the north side I checked around the corner, the west side guard was coming to investigate. Fuckwit ran right into the longsword Raina had made for me. Raina vaulted the wall to get into the farmhouse, by the time she got the door open I'd found keys on one of the guards. Waved to her as she was shutting the door.

There was more than a half dozen manacled slaves inside the farmhouse, including the dwarves that had gone missing. I told them to stay put, joined Raina outside. Heard a bunch more guards approaching, then a giant-ass ogre made some magic light bullshit to light up the compound. Derevan took him out with a shot to the heart, though.

The others made quick work of the remaining guards, except one who tried to run and we captured. While they were doing that I got the slaves outside and used the keys to take off the manacles. When we interrogated the survivor Fucknuts he was pretty adamant that slavery was just how things were. Ended up with a kick to the nuts the two times he tried claiming that shit, we eventually let him go. Did hear about how there's definitely a war between city states to the east now, after the nobles died at the bathhouse. Yeah, that's our bad.

The slaves were all hooked on the poppy flowers, Edwyn collected a bunch and brought them to the cranky old lady Merthula to wean them off the shit.

Word of bandits to the west, might go that way, or back north to the mine we ran across last time next. Need to check out the northeast again, and still need to check out the southwest some more.

Kill journal:

Tawny & Sprinter – deer
Fucker, Fuckwad, & Fuckwit - slaver guard pieces of shit


thealmightypatx MuppetRob

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