The Darmend Crossroads

Tanyc's Journal - Giants & Bathhouses

- or - The Death of Pate

Few of us that had gone to the east before decided to again, this time to check out that shining silver thing we’d seen deeper into the mountains. Didn’t find it, but we found a shit-ton of trouble.

First found a valley covered with gardens of flowers, there was a hut there too. Turned out the guy was an herbalist, and while he had some good potions he wanted way too damn much for them. He said his usual customers from the east were late, though. Asked him if he had any problems with Bigfoot, said his friends in the forest to the south helped with that. Going to have to go back and find out more about those friends, didn’t like the sound of it.

We kept going up the road, stopped for the night, and using some weird-ass magic shit Kire said there were several human-types about 5 miles to the northeast. Whatever. We packed up a few hours before dawn and went to check it out, found a ruined keep with a few milking goats in the yard. Got closer and we could see a couple damn stone giants inside one of the towers. Explored a bit, found a chest they had, and after one hell of a lot of work I got it open. Godsdamn we could be rich, ton of silver coins, and even found a book for Raina. Though it was about some crawfish breeding or something. No idea, and no one could read it. Also a levitation potion.

Eventually had Pate hail the giants while most of us hid in case they got hostile. They didn’t, but Pate didn’t exactly do well in the talking, and they got frustrated. Raina (now Raina Guardsbane) and Derevan offered things to pay their ‘toll’ and be able to rest at the keep, and they went and cuddled with the goats. The giants weren’t too friendly so Kire took everything of value from the chest, and we snuck away. Later found a list of potions in with the coins, looked like the giants had either robbed or killed someone sent to get potions from the herbalist. Didn’t feel too bad about relieving them of it after that. Kept going trying to get to the silver thing we’d seen.

We found a damn weird bathhouse. Way too friendly staff, a couple giant jade statues outside, and there were nobles from a couple rival cities there with their guards. None of it sat right, but we got to exchange the silver for gold. Pretty well off after that, though I didn’t want their damn bath or massage. Pate went for it, though, and got to go with the owner. I stayed outside, found a couple other doors, and the statues creeped me the hell out. Don’t know shit about magic and don’t care to, but they didn’t seem right to me, felt like they were alive or something.

Raina had gotten creeped out by the staff too, said it was time to go. We finally find Pate, he’s wasted. Not drunk wasted, but drained of most of his life. Fucking magic bullshit, time to get the hell out of there. Then the staff came in, talked to us, and I don’t know what the fuck happened. Fought hard as I could, but I went with them, and couldn’t stop them. I finally break through whatever the hell they did and I hear all kinds of hell breaking loose. Deceived the fucker who was there, made it seem like I was still under their control, then slammed my daggers through both temples, kicked it out into the hall, and moved out there.

Godsdamn I was hurting, barely alive after whatever that damn thing did to me. It grew wings, horns, and got pretty damn scaly. Fucking succubus. Kire had decapitated another, the owner had done some magic shit and left, and there was a lot of slamming noises coming from outside. I hear Raina try to crash through the wall. OH YEAH. Nope. OH NO. Hurt herself in the process. Learn later she and Torathan hadn’t fallen under the spell, and she convinced the guards to help rescue us. The jade statues came alive and killed them, crushed all eight. Why she’s now Raina Guardsbane.

Raina managed to hack through the wall, threw her hammer at the one succubus left and missed, and Pate ran in, looked like he was still under their control. Luckily he wasn’t, though that didn’t save him. I hit one of the jade golems with an arrow that should’ve hurt it. Barely chipped it. Pate flamed them, but his wild magic kept his hands burning. And a golem crushed him. Didn’t die immediately, but by the time we all got outside he was gone. Though his hands kept burning. Torathon threw him into a pool to put out the fire but it didn’t stop.

Kire drew the attention of the golems, got them to chase him, and then hid. The golems attacked the two nobles, killing both. We probably just started a war. He searched the room where the staff had exchanged our silver for gold, and took him forever but he finally found the chest. Derevan threw burning coals on the building, and we burned down the bathhouse that had survived centuries and a lot of wars. We got the hell out of there before the golems could get close, taking the nobles’ carriages, and went straight back to Darmend.

So now we’re all rich compared to everyone else, about 500 gold each. Got 4 horses too, but we lost Pate. Though his hands still burn and Torathon cut them off to keep. Going to be a funeral for Pate and we gave his family his share of the treasure. At least Greta has some work, going to need a grave dug.

Got Raina to make me a longsword, nothing special but it’ll do. Going to stash most of the coin somewhere, and I think some of us should go deal with those giants and find out more about what the herbalist meant when he talked about his friends in the forest. Eventually need to make it to the shining silver thing we’d been trying to reach.

Kill journal:
Horny – Succubus


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