The Darmend Crossroads

Raina's Post-Adventure Log III: The Greater Good

Well, this started out like a fine mess. Edwyn and Tanyc were intent on getting high. So, of course they wanted to stop by the plantation we raided. I helped them find some poppy in the burnt-out fields. After seeing what it did to the slaves, I don't want that shit in Darmend. Then Edwyn wanted to waste our time and check on the girl and her mother. We got there and found out what a massive waste of time that was. She was strung up from a tree, along with her mother. If they were stupid enough to go back to the place after everything that happened, they deserved it. Idiots. 

After burying them, we investigated town. Edwyn started shit with the peasants. Dumb motherfucker. Of course they formed a mob. Only after threatening the lousy pricks did we scare them off. Part of me wanted them to attack, to give me a reason to carve them up. But that would have wasted more time. This is how the real world is. Nobody cares about the truth, they just care about inflicting themselves upon others. Maybe I should join in? Worthless cunts. I'll protect Darmend from their ilk if it kills me.

We made it to the monastery and I checked out the library. Nothing there for what I was looking for. No matter. When everybody went to sleep, I crept out. I needed to check out the village and was still quite pissed about Edwyn's diversions. I hope the Razinite falls off a cliff. But regardless, I found the village. What happened next is for myself to know, and myself alone. 

After finishing my business, I left. There were undead everywhere, so I warned the group about them. Idiots still wanted to go to the village. So I left, got lost in the wilderness, and soon found my way to the ruins of the Jade Bathhouse. Note to self: learn to pull the soul of that creature back to this world, and learn to destroy it. I moved on. I had a letter to deliver to a man named 'Chrom'. 

Soon, I came upon Bharatput. It smelled like people. Gross. And the guards rode upon the crayfish from the Old Sughdian book. Neat. They were gearing up for war, probably because of the bathhouse incident. Not my problem now. I have to protect Darmend. So I found the place and gave Chrom the letter. Some pissants tried to block my exit, only for me to threaten them with a good thrashing. They soon 'went away'. Useless pricks. It was then I decided to check out the market. There's a vendor with the most amazing bag! I could stick my whole arm in it, straight down, and there was room for more! It has to be a magical item, considering it was so much larger on the inside than out. He asked 8000 gold peices for the bag. I'm going to come back and buy it when I get the chance, if I can scrounge together the money. I also bought a book on construction techniques and on learning the trader's tongue. Might come in handy. After all was said and done, I went to enjoy the company of a fine lady in the city. 

Well, when I came out, they were there. They hadn't gotten themselves killed in the town! That useless, annoying prick Edwyn kept saying I have crabs. I'm going to bury him in the woods one of these days. Maybe I'm inheriting my father's temper? No, no. He's just that annoying. How does Merthula put up with him? 

We went back to town for a debrief. Told them what they needed to know. Also got rid of that damnable hag soul. Buried it in hallowed ground. Good riddance. At least she'll never be reunited with her sisters. Now I've got to go recruit a work crew. We're building a road to the site of our terrible bridge across the river. 


thealmightypatx Ulfhildr

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