The Brewer's Apprentice


Derevan is generally liked in town despite his half-elf heritage. Some of this amiability is because of his whimsical nature, but a large part probably comes from the fact that he is the apprentice of the brewer/tavern owner in town his uncle Samuel.

Derevan’s Elven father Erdan lived in the forest near the village, but gave up the “natural” life when he met Anna. Despite their racial differences, they quickly fell in love and were married 2 years later. A year later, Derevan was born.

Erdan works as a guide near town because of his knowledge of the area. Anna is a homemaker. Being such a small town, there are a number of family members around.

Anna’s brother Samuel took a liking to Derevan from the day he was born. As the boy grew Samuel found him underfoot more and more often. Samuel taught Derevan how to make bubble water and add it to fruit juice to make to make a fun drink. When Derevan came to age, it was only logical for Samuel to take him on as an apprentice.

With his keen smile and quick wit, Derevan serves patrons of the tavern but at times longs for something more.


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