The Darmend Crossroads

Statue in the Sands
What hides under the surface?

Five youth set out to discover what mysteries lie below a marble statue jutting from the dunes.

Number of Players: 5
Party Level: 2.6
Total XP Earned (each): 1637 XP [1100 Combat, 537 RP]
Inspiration Bonus: 50 XP, Jeff M

Items Found:
Scroll of MOLD EARTH

The book's subject is… Plays: drama
The book's condition is… : Ancient. The pages crumble as they turn.
The book's cover is… : Missing. The pages are bound with string woven through holes near the spine.
The book is… : An anthology of works by several authors.
The book's subject is… Astronomy and astrology: stars
The book's condition is… : Good, but used. There are handwritten notes in the margins of the pages.
The book's cover is… : Stone. Iron rings hold it together.
The book is… : A collection of works by the same author.
The book's subject is… Prophecies and omens: visions
The book's condition is… : Good, but used. There are handwritten notes in the margins of the pages.
The book's cover is… : Missing. The pages are bound with string woven through holes near the spine.
The book is… : A single volume of a larger work with 4-15 volumes.
The book's subject is… Herb lore: poisons
The book's condition is… : Poor. An ink stain obscures a fair amount of the pages.
The book's cover is… : Leather with the title branded on it.
The book is… : A standalone volume, written by a well-known author.
The book's subject is… Herb lore: mushrooms
The book's condition is… : Good, but used. There are handwritten notes in the margins of the pages.
The book's cover is… : Missing. The pages are bound with string woven through holes near the spine.
The book is… : A standalone volume, written by a well-known author.
The book's subject is… Theology: sacred texts
The book's condition is… : Strange. The pages are blank?
The book's cover is… : Cast Iron. Hinges keep it bound.
The book is… : A single volume of a larger work with 4-15 volumes.
The book's subject is… Prophecies and omens: birds
The book's condition is… : Ancient. The pages crumble as they turn.
The book's cover is… : Wooden. The title is carved into the spine.
The book is… : A standalone volume, written by a well-known author.

Items Crafted: Rubbing of Walls re: HISTORY OF 'PAZAR'

Runic Items (Fire, Air, Earth, Water): Given to Council

NPCs: Bessetta, returned to village with Players.

Mother Merthula rewarded the lads for bringing back venomous creature parts, and other magic items, with some gold pieces and health potions.  She's very interested in the books, scrolls, and woman they brought back.

Giants & Bathhouses
- or - The Death of Pate

Few of us that had gone to the east before decided to again, this time to check out that shining silver thing we’d seen deeper into the mountains. Didn’t find it, but we found a shit-ton of trouble.

First found a valley covered with gardens of flowers, there was a hut there too. Turned out the guy was an herbalist, and while he had some good potions he wanted way too damn much for them. He said his usual customers from the east were late, though. Asked him if he had any problems with Bigfoot, said his friends in the forest to the south helped with that. Going to have to go back and find out more about those friends, didn’t like the sound of it.

We kept going up the road, stopped for the night, and using some weird-ass magic shit Kire said there were several human-types about 5 miles to the northeast. Whatever. We packed up a few hours before dawn and went to check it out, found a ruined keep with a few milking goats in the yard. Got closer and we could see a couple damn stone giants inside one of the towers. Explored a bit, found a chest they had, and after one hell of a lot of work I got it open. Godsdamn we could be rich, ton of silver coins, and even found a book for Raina. Though it was about some crawfish breeding or something. No idea, and no one could read it. Also a levitation potion.

Eventually had Pate hail the giants while most of us hid in case they got hostile. They didn’t, but Pate didn’t exactly do well in the talking, and they got frustrated. Raina (now Raina Guardsbane) and Derevan offered things to pay their ‘toll’ and be able to rest at the keep, and they went and cuddled with the goats. The giants weren’t too friendly so Kire took everything of value from the chest, and we snuck away. Later found a list of potions in with the coins, looked like the giants had either robbed or killed someone sent to get potions from the herbalist. Didn’t feel too bad about relieving them of it after that. Kept going trying to get to the silver thing we’d seen.

We found a damn weird bathhouse. Way too friendly staff, a couple giant jade statues outside, and there were nobles from a couple rival cities there with their guards. None of it sat right, but we got to exchange the silver for gold. Pretty well off after that, though I didn’t want their damn bath or massage. Pate went for it, though, and got to go with the owner. I stayed outside, found a couple other doors, and the statues creeped me the hell out. Don’t know shit about magic and don’t care to, but they didn’t seem right to me, felt like they were alive or something.

Raina had gotten creeped out by the staff too, said it was time to go. We finally find Pate, he’s wasted. Not drunk wasted, but drained of most of his life. Fucking magic bullshit, time to get the hell out of there. Then the staff came in, talked to us, and I don’t know what the fuck happened. Fought hard as I could, but I went with them, and couldn’t stop them. I finally break through whatever the hell they did and I hear all kinds of hell breaking loose. Deceived the fucker who was there, made it seem like I was still under their control, then slammed my daggers through both temples, kicked it out into the hall, and moved out there.

Godsdamn I was hurting, barely alive after whatever that damn thing did to me. It grew wings, horns, and got pretty damn scaly. Fucking succubus. Kire had decapitated another, the owner had done some magic shit and left, and there was a lot of slamming noises coming from outside. I hear Raina try to crash through the wall. OH YEAH. Nope. OH NO. Hurt herself in the process. Learn later she and Torathan hadn’t fallen under the spell, and she convinced the guards to help rescue us. The jade statues came alive and killed them, crushed all eight. Why she’s now Raina Guardsbane.

Raina managed to hack through the wall, threw her hammer at the one succubus left and missed, and Pate ran in, looked like he was still under their control. Luckily he wasn’t, though that didn’t save him. I hit one of the jade golems with an arrow that should’ve hurt it. Barely chipped it. Pate flamed them, but his wild magic kept his hands burning. And a golem crushed him. Didn’t die immediately, but by the time we all got outside he was gone. Though his hands kept burning. Torathon threw him into a pool to put out the fire but it didn’t stop.

Kire drew the attention of the golems, got them to chase him, and then hid. The golems attacked the two nobles, killing both. We probably just started a war. He searched the room where the staff had exchanged our silver for gold, and took him forever but he finally found the chest. Derevan threw burning coals on the building, and we burned down the bathhouse that had survived centuries and a lot of wars. We got the hell out of there before the golems could get close, taking the nobles’ carriages, and went straight back to Darmend.

So now we’re all rich compared to everyone else, about 500 gold each. Got 4 horses too, but we lost Pate. Though his hands still burn and Torathon cut them off to keep. Going to be a funeral for Pate and we gave his family his share of the treasure. At least Greta has some work, going to need a grave dug.

Got Raina to make me a longsword, nothing special but it’ll do. Going to stash most of the coin somewhere, and I think some of us should go deal with those giants and find out more about what the herbalist meant when he talked about his friends in the forest. Eventually need to make it to the shining silver thing we’d been trying to reach.

Kill journal:
Horny – Succubus

Fucking Magic Bullshit

Go to Dead Man’s Tower, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. There’ll be treasure they said. I went and all I got were a bunch of cuts and lost arrows.

Jenrah had been raving about the damn tower for weeks, finally managed to convince me, Illandow, Col, Adran, and Stein to go. Got a late start so it was dark by the time we got there. When we had to swim in I should’ve known it wasn’t gonna go well, especially when Stein said he’d felt something touch his leg during the swim in.

Get inside and Jenrah goes on at length about the floor trap they’d defeated. What looked like a pit was an illusion, and on the other side was an invisible wall that would force you to hit the trap floor, dumping you down into the water and onto spears. He goes to demonstrate how to get past it, standing on the bundle of spears to be able to reach the button to disable the invisble wall, showing how easy it is.

And he fell into the damn trap, which had had the spears replaced.

I go next, and Adran uses some magic shit to touch the button to disable the wall. Should be able to jump across cleanly.

Not far enough. I fall into the fucking trap and end up landing on the damn spears too. I should’ve left then instead of continuing on.

Everyone eventually makes it across and we make it up to the next level. Shit is strange in the damn tower, because we should be pretty close to the edge, from what it looked like outside. We find the spot where they killed a bunch of witches or something and there was a 300 pound guy who’d crawled out of one. It was just as hard to understand as it sounds.

Shit gets blurry at this point, because it kept getting weirder. Fuck magic bullshit.

There was something about a portal hidden behind a sheet of skin with ancient writing on it. Illandow thinks that’s great, takes the skin, goes through the portal to find himself at the bottom of a hole with a pile of bones in the center and daylight above. He comes back out and we keep going down another passage, where Col shoves Jenrah into the room ahead of him and shuts the door. Knew he was nuts after his hard-on from murdering sleeping plant people, but I’m starting to get how nuts.

Nothing attacked Jenrah, though, so we kept going. By this point it’s clear the damn tower is bigger on the inside. The corridor we went through was lined on both sides with copper you could see yourself in and did a slow spiral in on itself. The magicky guys were pretty sure something was watching us. Finally get to the end, there’s an eye above a big-ass steel door. I’m about to shoot it when Illandow cuts his hand and smears blood in the bowl next to the door because he’s apparently fine with blood magic bullshit. I just looked at him like he was nuts, stupid, or both. He wasn’t phased.

Go through and there’s a four way intersection, we go left first and reach another four way intersection. I’m usually pretty fast and able to get a shot off before much happens, but not this time. Before any of us knew what the hell was happening we were being swarmed by a bunch of shadows.

Yes, fucking magic bullshit shadows.

I fired blindly before Adran could do some magic light shit, must’ve aimed just right because I hit one. Not sure if I killed it or not, but it shrieked. I got shanked a couple times, downed one of the health potions, then Jenrah was going down. Tossed him the other healing potion as he cartwheeled away from one of the shadows. Illandow lit a few of the shadows up with fire, burning their asses. Arrows were effective a few times, then I got in close, using the two daggers I’d picked up from Captain Morgan a while back, and shanked a couple of them.

We finally manage to finish them off but we’re completely turned around from the fight. Figure out which passage is the right one, and as we’re arguing over whether to go forward or back we hear more of those fucking magic bullshit shadows coming. That settled it, we retreated.

Go down the center passage for who the hell knows how long and it’s going fucking nowhere. We give up, go back, and go down the right one.

Godsdammit fuck this fucking magic bullshit. We reach a door with a stupid riddle on it, door opens, at the top of the long-ass stairs there’s blackness. Anything that goes in disappears from sight. So Jenrah goes rushing in, and Illandow does after him. Illandow comes back out after a couple seconds, then goes back in after telling us you can’t sense anything inside. Col goes in with a rope, and after a while he finally tugs on it to let us know we can pull them all back out. I count to ten before pulling, since he’d thrown Jenrah through that door earlier.

The magicky types go on about void spheres or some shit, and we eventually send Jenrah through again, because of course, but this time with a rope around him. He makes it back, says there’s sand and water when you get through to the other side. We all go through and we’re in a damn cave.

Pretty worn out by now, we take a short rest to recuperate behind a wall illusion that Adran made. At least it made more sense than the forest in the middle of the desert. I try to sneak out to check out the stairs up and weird-ass plants and my fucking dagger falls out of its sheath.

The plants weren’t plants. Eggs. Of some 12 fucking foot tall half-frog, half-fish, half-person thing. FrogManFish. And godsdamn was it tough to kill, with most everyone who got close getting fucked up. I managed to finally get an arrow into its head, finishing it off. To make it more insane, the eggs started hatching in the middle of the fight, but Adran put them to sleep. Because more fucking magic bullshit.

Col went around and killed all the eggs for good measure, then we rested. Stank in the damn cave between the egg snot, monster gore, and who the hell knows what else, but we needed it. Eventually get up and around and go upstairs, and it takes forever. We get close to the top and there’s a pretty nice chamber, where Adran and Stein go on about some crazy wizard guy who loved birds or some shit, went insane, and attacked anyone who got close to his tower. I was sick and tired of all the fucking magic bullshit by this point so I didn’t pay much attention.

We go up the stairs when Jenrah, in the lead, says there’s a 7 foot tall armored psycho up there at an altar, chanting and with some magic orb shit going on. Three of us are sneaking up, I’m about to line up a shot with the crossbow….when Col falls flat on his damn face.

Psycho guy clearly hears, turns towards us, and has no eyes. Fuck this fucking magic bullshit.

Fight was pretty brutal and didn’t go well, with Jenrah suffering a lot and almost being thrown over the side of the tower. No idea how many hundreds of feet up we were but it was a lot. Stein and me, mostly Stein, took out the pots full of gore that were on the altar, which seemed to affect the psycho guy. I fired an arrow at the orb, thinking that might help, but it bounced off.

Stein managed to knock psycho guy off the tower, bull rushing him and lifting him up and over the edge. Jenrah had been knocked off already and was barely holding on, and almost got pulled off by the psycho guy. We managed to get him back up, and a minute later we were on top of the run-down, shitty-ass Dead Man’s Tower. Jenrah was pretty upset about losing his greatclub. I was done with all the fucking magic bullshit. We went back to Darmend.

Kill journal:
Asshole – Shadow
Dickwad – Shadow
FrogManFish – No Fucking Idea

Godsdamn Plant Hippies

Heard about some creepy cultists collecting lotus flowers off to the southwest, so me, Kire, Col, and Thomas set out that way to figure out what the hell was going on. Godsdamn this was some weird-ass shit.

Found the pond we'd been told about and hunkered down to see what happened, after a while Kire saw a bull heading towards the water. Not a live one though, damn thing was a walking corpse. What the hell? Thomas recounted a story about a comet hitting the area further south of here a long time ago, seemed to believe the walking dead bull was related.

Me, Kire, and Col got closer to the thing and a couple of the cultists showed up. Fabulous purple satin robes, both about the height of a child, and they started stabbing the bull. Bull didn't make a sound and they eventually re-killed it, started pulling off ribs. Kire called out to them and shit got weird. The cultists answered together, words matching perfectly. They were some weird bastards too, had no concept of time, distance, or self. Creepy as hell.

Eventually had them lead us back to their home-temple-cave thing in a giant tree, we noticed along the way they were eating the lotus flowers every 3 hours or so. Decided to knock them out and try to detox them from the lotus flowers to see if we could get some actual sense out of them. Didn't work too well, though, when the halfling shat himself and died, so we stuffed flowers in the other's mouth. Eventually he came around and began screaming through his gag. Probably didn't help that Thomas had stripped him of his robes. And it was fucking weird that he was a eunuch.

We decided the best course was to consult the old lady back in town, see what she knew and if she could help. Didn't make it very far before three of the cultists attacked us, though. We took out two of them pretty quick with the new crossbows and finished off the third easily. Heard a scream from the tree, we stripped the bodies of anything useful. Got a scimitar, spear, and a sweet battle axe I'm saving for Greta.

Made it a ways further and a damn giant wolf-thing showed up, apparently a worg. Didn't detect us, luckily, but Col and me shot it and killed it as it moved off. Got a worg paw necklace now, while Thomas took the fangs and Col took the hide.

Finally made it back close to Darmend and we sent Kire in to get Mother Merthula. She didn't know much about the lotus flowers and wasn't sure if she could cure the dwarf, but she was going to check it out. Kire and me stayed with the dwarf outside town and the night was quiet.

Next morning the old lady said the dwarf and the lotus were the same, which didn't make any kind of damn sense. We decided to talk to Red Alf, see if he knew anything since he worshipped the Cultivator god or something. Never had much use for the gods so I didn't pay much attention to that part. Crazy bastard had a slave he was making pick up and put down a boulder, occasionally went over and hit him. He'd run into the cultists before though, they'd tried to recruit him or something. He wasn't too happy with them, said they'd been turned into plant people, and offered to send his slave with us. Also told us to say "fuck you" to his hat if we found it. Crazy bastard.

Definitely approved of Kire's setting the slave free once we were a ways away from the crazy bastard's place. While we were taking care of that though, Col killed the dwarf to check out his brain like Red Alf had said to do. What the hell? Both to Col murdering him and the dwarf's brain being green and sprouting plants. Guy had been turned into a walking plant. What the hell.

Made it back to the tree and we snuck in, which wasn't too easy. Lots of trip vines and giant thorns to avoid. Thomas used some of his damn magic shit to make himself look like a cultist. We checked out the left tunnel first, saw a couple more of the cultists, and we took them out silently, though the chanting we'd been hearing stopped.

Kept moving through and we found another group of them, four at a table. Took them out pretty quickly, then Barky showed up. Guy was made out of bark, fucking weird, and he was backed up by a bunch more cultists. Kire got into melee with them while the rest of us fired from range. Didn't go too well for Kire, but he eventually killed Barky.

Damn cultists were certainly fond of scimitars, we found nine more in the place, along with a steel breastplate and the hat Red Alf had told us about. Kire told it 'fuck you' and it responded with 'fuck you too' in bright letters. Fuck I hate magic shit.

Searched the other rooms and we found the barracks with a bunch more cultists sleeping, Col had too much damn fun killing them in their sleep. We dragged the bodies outside and burned them. The area had been pretty dark and foreboding, started clearing up after we burned Barky though. Apparently the hat told Thomas that Barky had been corrupting the tree or some shit. Fuck magic.

Made it back to town loaded with scimitars, preserved food, spears, and got rewarded with a bunch of leather and gold for the trouble. Going to need to go back with a druid at some point to talk to the tree or something, the hat claimed the tree had a heart or some shit, and then there's the creepy as fuck undead shit out that way to deal with. Thomas is going to study the steel breastplate and I told him Raina is going to want to check it out too.

Kill journal:
Sprouts – plant person
Sprig – plant person
Twig – plant person

Water, Iron, Blood

Kire’s Journal – 3 weeks before the Feast of Kailus

Father is always pestering me to record notable achievements so I suppose this is the best place. A few days ago Raina the smith’s apprentice asked around for some people to come with her exploring to the east- I hadn’t heard about this but of course Derevan knew right away (as always) and he asked me to come along. I’d finished my tasks for the week so figured hey, what the hell? Along with Raina, Derevan, and myself, we had Pate, Adran, Torathon, and Tanyc. I hadn’t met the latter four previous to this outing, and I admit I was a bit nervous in new company. Some of those guys are pretty intense- especially Torathon. I want to say he’s an acolyte, but I didn’t really converse much with him. He doesn’t seem the chatty type.

We set out to the southeast around midmorning and things were going fairly well. The area around Darmend is pretty familiar to me, so I showed the group a few shortcuts and we made good time. We reached the river before sundown, and found a ridiculously large river croc wading in the shallows, blocking our path. I gave it some food and it seemed to ignore us- thankfully! Fording the river turned out to be a lot more difficult than I’d anticipated. I’m a decent swimmer but the current was fast! A few of us were carried downstream, and Pate tried to save us with a net but his aim is pretty terrible so the net just washed away. I think Raina was pretty close to drowning. Kailus must have been with us though- I did my best to help her out of the rush and she tried to pull me down with her. Good gods that woman is strong- I thought she would break my arms trying to hold on. I still have a bruise 5 days later!

Somehow, Pate was able to fish Raina’s pack out of the water – strange because I didn’t see him jump back into the current.

Regardless, we made camp on the far bank, after fording the cart across. The next morning we went uphill to get a lookout and found two items of interest – a reflective surface far to the east, and a clearing to the south. We chose to look into the clearing, as it was much closer. Turns out the clearing was exactly the place we were looking for- a mine protected by a pretty stout bailey, guarded by ruffians. These scumbags were using forced labor to delve the mines, so we decided to put an end to it. Looking at our motley little group, I wasn’t sure what to expect- to make things even stranger, Tanyc kept saying that he saw a yeti wandering around in the woods. What a bunch of weirdos, right?

We spent a while scouting the structure (almost getting caught due to that oaf Derevan stumbling around in the brush like a 5 legged pig!) and decided on a multi-pronged ranged attack to provide cover for a direct assault, led by the arm bruiser/breaker Raina. The fight itself is still a bit of a blur in my mind, but here’s what I remember:

Tanyc, Derevan and I opened fire from concealment. I guess all that target practice Dev and I have put in over the last few months really paid off. Those poor saps were eating arrows left and right! Tanyc is a damn good shot as well, so the opening salvo worked like a charm. To compound this, Torathon was able to create some sort of fog to blind the archers in the towers, so Raina and her merry band rushed the wall without much resistance. And that’s when things took a turn for the surreal.

Not only did I find shooting these men to be quite easy for my conscience to abide, Adran revealed an uncanny ability to put men, even fighting men with their blood up, to sleep like babies. I think my jaw is still on the floor after watching a group of them fall down and actually begin snoring! Raina, Pate, Torathon, and Dev all managed to get to the wall and engage the guards. And then, the yeti showed up. No, I’m not joking. With the guards being shot down, bum rushed, hacked at, and screamed at by a yeti in equal measure, the fight was over pretty quickly. My comrades foolishly antagonized the yeti, which caused it to turn on us. Lucky for all of them I was paying close attention and downed the poor beast before it ate them all for dinner. Regrettable that we were forced to do that.

The thralls were grateful for their freedom and showed us where the villains had stashed their goods and provisions. Unsure of what to do with the captured guards, I decided to let the slaves take matters into their own hands. Perhaps I should have consulted the group, but I was in a foul mood and they deserved what they got. Turns out there was a prisoner in the camp as well – some merchant or some such from the east. We set him free and invited the slaves to come with us to Darmend. Hopefully the Council will know what to do with them.

Shrooms, Ore, & Downtime

The old lady at the temple here needed some shrooms for healing the local livestock of an infection, asked for volunteers. Didn't have anything better to do so I decided to go, though her attitude sure as hell coulda been better. Not always the best idea, talking down to the people who're getting you the shit you want.

Went to the northeast and after a while we crossed into a desert, I'm still finding that damn sand in places. Pretty uneventful until we noticed a bunch of giant-ass spiders ahead, big as dogs. One of those creepy-as-hell magic dudes cast an illusion of trees. No idea why he chose that, considering there hadn't been a damn one for miles. Never did have much use for magic, but whatever, it worked and the spiders kept going. The weird elf magicky guy found a human leg bone he decided to keep for a club.

Found the cave the old lady talked about, and there was some crazy-ass guy in there. Snuck up close and the others started talking to him, apparently he lived there with his 'family' though he hadn't heard another person's voice in who knows how the hell long. The elf magic guy did something to make the bucket for the shrooms head over to the wall to scrape them off while the guy living there was distracted, which didn't go too well when the invisible thing holding the bucket fell into a damn hole. The barkeep Derevan did get him to give up some of the shrooms for a bottle of booze, though, and we started heading back to Darmend.

Until crazy dude's 'family' returned. Bunch of damn hyenas, and one of the magicky types made some illusion of sand dunes to hide us. Made a hell of a lot more sense than the trees earlier, though the hyenas could still smell us. The druid was able to talk to them, though, and eventually negotiated letting us continue on instead of trying to eat us.

Get back to the edge of the desert and we found the big-ass spiders again, this time they were fighting a bunch of giant bats. What the hell is with this place? I took up a position hiding behind a dune while most of the others attacked. The dwarf brute went charging in as fast as his short legs could carry him, screaming 'DARH!' as he went. The hell? Using his name as his battle cry? Whatever.

Fight went pretty well, only one bat got away and most of the spiders were either killed or turned to our side by the druid. She was pretty damn useful. I got the kill shot on one of the spiders, and we raided the bodies for spider venom, mandibles, and legs, and bat wings for leather.

Quiet the rest of the way back, the old lady was pretty happy about the mushrooms and loved the spider venom and mandibles. Got paid in some gold and health potions, and I sold most of the spider legs to the Flying Spoon. Made pretty good soup, though they called them 'land crab legs'. Kept one for Greta to experiment with.

Kill journal:
Fuzzy – giant-ass spider

Bored so I went to the southeast with a different group to find a source of iron ore. Didn't get the details, but they'd been out this way before, with all kinds of crazy and weird shit happening. Something about giant birds, fish people, and slavers. Got to the river and we eventually found a ford we could use….which had some giant-ass water lizard thing ready to ambush anything that tried to cross. The ranger Kire managed to distract it long enough for everyone to cross.

Or try to cross. Holy fuck what a disaster that turned into. Few of us made it across, but few others slipped and got washed downstream. Environment is more of a threat than anything else, I guess. Everyone finally got across and out of the water and we made camp, I took second watch. About midnight I heard Bigfoot howling a ways off.

Dumbasses didn't believe me it was Bigfoot. Kept telling them and they blew me off. Came back to bite them in the ass later. First though we climbed up the foothills to get a better view of the area, since they said it was near the slaver plantation. Saw a bright reflection deeper in the mountains, and there was a clear area further down the foothills a few miles away.

Got closer and Kire was able to tell there were a bunch of humans there, so he, me, and the barkeep Derevan snuck up. Or at least me and Kire did, Derevan sucked at being stealthy. Alerted the guards, so he tried to mimic some kinda animal, which failed miserably. They started shooting at him as he ran away while Kire and me waited it out.

They'd built a new wall around this place, seemed to be some kind of mine. Bunch of green logs with one of the gates having been damaged by something big. Told Kire it was Bigfoot, dumbass didn't believe me. We could tell there were a buncha guards, though, and looked like they had slaves working the mine. Didn't sit well with either of us, and we reported back to the others.

Group decided the best plan would be attacking from all sides. They'd built pretty good defenses, with a couple towers and the wall was a good 10 feet high, but they'd ignored the cliff they were backed up against. 60 feet up is a long ways, but we made a rope to be able to climb down. Plan was for me and Kire to climb up the rise and fire on them from behind while one of the creepy-ass magicky types laid down fog to blind them, another creepy-ass magicky type firing on 'em, and the others rushing the wall.

Got up to the edge of the cliff easy enough, and we picked our targets. I took out one of the guards, arrow through the back of his head and out his left eye socket, and Kire took out another. All hell broke loose and I lost track of a lot of what was going on, 'specially after some asshole shot me. Though I put an arrow through him as payback. At some point one of those magicky guys was putting guards to sleep and melting them with fucking acid, while Derevan stole a crossbow and fired on them.

Then Bigfoot showed up, and he broke the enemy's will.

Proved all them wrong about doubting me when he came roaring up, tearing at the wall. Leader guy who I dubbed Captain Morgan couldn't decide whether to have his guys attack us or Bigfoot, which didn't help them any. Me, Kire, and Raina, who'd organized this whole thing to get some good iron for her to use, teamed up on Captain Morgan, and I got in the kill shot on him. Raided him real quick as by that point Bigfoot was inside the wall, killing the last of the guards, and ready to turn on us. Found a couple daggers and a scimitar, though I didn't need them as he was dead by the time I could attack.

Turned out this was a pretty sick group of assholes that wound up dead. Five guards still alive, three asleep, two deep in the mine with most of the slaves. Kire and me killed those two, freed the slaves. In one of the buildings they'd been holding some rich trader guy hostage, while in the other there were several women they'd been using for things other than working the mine. Kire gave them a club and they got vengeance on the last three guards.

Found a few crates of spices and some shit called opium the trader was pushing, and we brought the freed slaves back to town with us. Looted the bodies and found a few light crossbows, which I took one, and a bunch of leather armor, so now I'm better protected. Traded the scimitar for another healing potion, don't have much use for it myself, need something quicker than that thing was. Daggers will do for now. The mine itself wasn't exactly what Raina was looking for, it had more gems than iron ore, though she found enough for a few pieces.

Kill journal:
Captain Morgan – asshole slaver leader
Pansy – slaver who ran away
Squinty – guard who I first killed
Jackass – the guy who shot me

Did some hunting, gathering, tanning and trading. Got a couple deer, and picked up some good wood for making some more arrows and some bolts for the sweet new crossbow.

Talked to Kire, he's apparently trained as a bowyer. Fletching's not quite the same, but he handled it well, got 30 more arrows and bolts to use. They've got light blue feathers from some really big bird he killed, didn't go into detail though. Wanted to trade me the arrows and a heavy crossbow for the leather, but heavy crossbow's too bulky for me, need something light. Does less damage, but I'm a lot better with it. Traded him some of the meat instead, got deer jerky now.

Spent a few days tanning the hides, so now I have some leather to work with, though I don't know shit about making anything with it. Probably trade it, could definitely use a sword.

Kill journal:
Mohawk & Speckle – deer

Merthula's Mushrooms
Blood in the Sand

Party of 7, mix of level 1 and 2.  
Adjusted XP for Adventure: 225 (each).

Mother Merthula asks for a fungus, known only to grow in a cave 4-6 miles northeast.

The party encountered hyenas (normal and giant), giant wolf-spiders, and giant bats.

They also encountered a strange man occupying the cavern.

An exchange for the fungus was made with minimal aggression.

Resources gathered: Bat Hide, Giant Bat Wings, Bones and Teeth, Spider's Venom Parts, several Giant Spider Legs, 6 lbs of mixed cacti, a bucket of fungus, and a parchment.

Resources traded to village: Spider's Venom Parts, several Giant Spider Legs, a bucket of fungus.

Resources used: 6 lbs of cacti yielded 24 ounces of "juice" after fermentation.  Will take 2 IRL weeks to brew.

Bat-wing leather, and furry bat hide, and leather scraps need to be treated by an experienced character (NPC or PC).  

Mother Merthula gifted each errandboy 7gp and a healing potion (2d4+2).  She paid an addition 2 potions for the spider guts.  The Flying Spoon bought the Spider Legs for 3gp.

The Missing Fishermen

Party of 5, Mix of level 1 and 2.
XP for the adventure: 160 each

Thanuc Oakgrog asked for someone to check on his cousins, who trade with Darmend. They haven’t been seen for several weeks.

The party encountered some axebeaks in the grasslands south of town. The fishing camp was abandoned and overrun by giant crabs. Investigating across the lake, the party discovered a plantation, where it appears that the fisher dwarves have been forced to work. 

While on the lake the party was attacked by fish-men. The party managed capture one of the fish-men alive, and brought it back to Darmend.

Resources gathered: 1 fish-Man, 3 spears, 1 net, 1 barrel of scrap iron, several barrels of preserved fish, 4 spell scrolls, and the dwarves wagon with assorted Cargo; Cheese, Jasper, Iron Bars, Vanilla, and Hematite.

Resources used/claimed: 3 spears, 1 net, 1 barrel of scrap iron, several barrels of preserved fish, 4 spell scrolls, Iron Bars.

Thanuc paid the party 8 gold each for the information, and the fish.

When Robbers Get Their Due
6/16/17; Derevan, Thomas, Col, Arty, and Jenrah

(Note: This summary is supposed to be from Jen's perspective as if he's re-telling the tale to a bunch of wide-eyed boys during a water break in the fields.)

So Derevan had this idea. All the best stuff from the traders is always taken by the “adults” and there’s never anything good to trade for by the time us apprentices get a crack at the goods. Maybe it was time to fix that. 

So Derevan …procured…a cask of brandy and enlisted Kire to sneak out with him to meet the traders a few miles out of town and get first choice of whatever goods they were bringing to town. Right, a fantastic plan.

Kire thought this was something Thomas should be in on. Thomas felt like it might be helpful to have Col along. Col thought I would enjoy such a trip. I thought Arty needed to loosen up and break a few rules so I drug him along as well.

By the time we all met at the town square, we were quite a little band ready for quite an adventure.

We snuck out through the forest. Not very far from town Arty managed to get lost, be surrounded by wolves, and light a tree on fire to scare them away. To his credit, the gambit worked and we all helped put the tree out before the forest caught fire. Honestly, you could say we saved the town. Isn’t everyone always saying a fire in that forest would be the death of us all? Yeah, saviors of the town. right here.

Anyways, when we finally found the caravan there was something of a duel going on. Steel flashed and clanged in the firelight. The leader of the traders was fighting a large, burly man, probably one of the guards. The leader of the traders (Fizal was his name) bested the large man with flourish. I could tell, this was a man with greatness in him. I challenged him to a duel myself. He sized me up and decided he was “too tired” to fight me that night but promised a future bought. Now THAT will be a fight!

We asked about trading and he promised he would in the morning. He offered us food and a place by the fire so of course we accepted. There was drinking and carousing. There were stories of war and glory. Then finally, with our bellies full we bedded down among brave companions to sleep.

We woke before dawn because Derevan was shaking us awake. Everything was silent. Really, truly silent. We couldn’t hear ourselves speak or even scream. And we were screaming. The guards had all murdered the traders in their sleep! We tried to shout threats and challenges to them as they retreated with the cart and the goods, but the unnatural silence kept them from hearing us. Lucky them.

We found this twig thing in the middle of what was obviously a magic circle so naturally we burned it. Everyone knows you burn magic twigs, right? Yeah, exactly. It’s the first thing you try. That broke the silence and we were able to talk again. It turned out Fizal and one other bloke survived the murderous band. Thomas got right to work. He actually saved their lives! Yeah, I know! A true hero, our Thomas. 

Well, naturally, we had to go after the bandits. There really wasn’t any other choice. Kire knew about a forester’s lodge close to where we were so he took the two wounded men there and we all grabbed our weapons and headed after the bandits.

Not too much farther along the trail we found another of the merchants. He was beaten badly but left along the side of the road. He had taken quite a beating, but he was gonna be ok. He was conscious though, so he was able to answer a few questions. It turns out, the merchants had been carrying…no lie…a magic chest. Yeah. Really. Some kind of riddle lock and everything. I got chills when he told us about it. 

That guy really was fine, honestly, so we told him how to get to the foresters lodge and set off even faster to follow the caravan. Col told us there was a robbers den down in that area full of the worst scum alive and we wanted to catch the robbers before they got there. That’s not how Col told it? Well, that’s what he meant. I understand him.

Are you telling this story or am I?

So we didn’t make it. When we found the cart it was already empty and parked outside this spooky looking cave, but we had a plan. There was a guard, but just one and he seemed distracted. So Col, oh man, you won’t believe this, Col snuck up and…I can barely describe it without laughing…he stole his belt and…he pulled the bloke’s pants around his ankles!

Col came tearing out of that cave faster than I’ve ever seen him run holding that belt over his head like a trophy. You should have seen his face. Then that big drunk guard guy came stumbling out trying to pull up his pants and chase Col at the same time. You should have seen HIS face!

Well, he ran right past Derevan, just like we planed. Derevan just reaches out all casual-like, trips him up, and shanks him right there on the ground. What? Yes. He shanked him to death. What other kind of shanking is there? Seriously…

So on that signal, just like we planned, we rushed the cave and overpowered the rest of the guards. They were big tough guys and ready for us, but they didn’t stand a chance.

We found the crates of goods for trade, but the magic chest was nowhere to be seen, so we had to keep looking. Deeper into the caverns we went. Our weapons out, the light shining off the walls…you could feel the suspense. Yeah, it was intense.

We dispatched a few other robbers patrolling the cave.

Finally, after hours of searching, we came across a mess hall full of robbers. I bet there were dozens of them. They jumped up and grabbed whatever they could to kill us on the spot. Meat cleavers, table legs, even bones! They rushed us, but we stood our ground. We struck down the first couple to reach us, and that made them think twice about messing with us! Then, the most awesome thing happened. Thomas, yeah, that Thomas. Who do you think I’ve been talking about this whole time? So Thomas suddenly came running from behind us shouting the creepiest jibberish, covered in what looked like fresh blood, and glowing. Yes, glowing! I swear, these guys actually shat themselves as they turned around a fled.

Naturally, we chased them. 

Following their terrified screams, we came to the thickest wooden door I’ve ever seen. I broke it down with a single kick and strode into the room.

That’s where he was.

Who? The burly robber that Fizal had fought! He had armor and an axe, But we didn’t quiver or hesitate for a single second. Like a pack of wolves with honed instincts, we pounced. He didn’t stand a chance.

But here’s the weird part…I don’t think these were just normal robbers. It was Col that brought the big guy down. A knife; right to the eye; like this. He pulled it right out of the sumbitch’s socket…and…bugs, actual bugs flowed out along with the blood. I know, right? I’ve never seen anything like it! The guy starts to rise, but then Derevan grabs the guys axe and chops his head clean off. Not just that, but there was some shadowy guy with like a cloak and…and…some kind of ghostly double that didn’t move and wasn’t solid. Like a decoy.

Well, we went after that guy and he wasn’t chancing anything with us. He turned himself into a flock of birds and flew off down another tunnel; one with a strange green glow. We were going to  go after him, naturally, but the magic chest was in that room and well, we couldn’t leave that unguarded. Did you hear me say MAGIC chest?! That crap’s important! You can’t just leave it for the villains to steal again!

So yeah, we grabbed the chest, went and got the horses, loaded up the goods, and got out of there.

More caverns? Oh sure. Lots more. The green glowing tunnel, for sure. Oh, and remember that loon we brought back with us? He was locked up with the horses and when we let him out he showed us a big locked iron door. We didn’t have time to check it out this time, but I’m sure we’ll go back. Of course they’ll be expecting us. They’ll be quaking in their boots. Yeah, it makes it more dangerous, but that’s what makes it fun.

It wouldn’t be heroic if it was easy!

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